Decarbonisation Technology - February 2023

the principal divergence being solid-to-liquid conversion. And while the technologies for this conversion process are almost ready and the knowledge is there, strict aviation regulations mean these processes still need approval. Solid waste feedstocks are a much more abundant resource than previous generations and will remain so for years. It is estimated that annual worldwide municipal solid waste, a source of biomass material, will reach approximately 3.4 billion tonnes by 2050, in part due to rapid urbanisation and rising global populations. Although in its earlier stages of development, it is clear that maximising solid waste feedstock will be key to decarbonising aviation. Let us now look to the future of feedstocks. Boundless opportunities There is no doubt that the demand for SAF will keep growing. It is predicted to reach 7 billion gallons (21 million tonnes) by 2030, which is the equivalent to 5% of global jet fuel demand. With innovative technologies and cutting-edge knowledge enabling the upgrading of advanced feedstocks, fuel production is at the centre of the

global transition. Forward-thinking businesses will capture this by moving into new, advanced feedstocks while the opportunity is ripe. If companies take SAF seriously as the key way to reach their net-zero goals, annual production capacity could be anywhere between 2.6 and 7.6 billion gallons (8-23 million tonnes) by 2026. Collaboration is key We can see the effort being made by refineries, OEMs, airlines, government bodies, and more to propel us to decarbonise aviation. Co- operation of this scale has never been witnessed in aviation’s history. COP27 reinforced the importance of collaboration on a global platform. Such collaboration will be the final piece in our SAF puzzle, enabling us to push for more legislation, greater feedstock availability, and commercialisation. HydroFlex and G2L are trademarks of Topsoe. LTFT is a trademark of Sasol.

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