Decarbonisation Technology - February 2023

Decarbonisation Technology Summit is BACK for 2023! Rated a 96% satisfaction score by previous attendees, Decarbonisation Technology Summit Europe brings together a cross- market community to power the transition to sustainable fuels and energy. So whether you’re an energy producer, an industry body, a technology expert developing solutions or work in energy intensive industries, save this date - 19-20 April 2023 - in your calendars today. Current and evolving themes set to be discussed include: • Changing the source of power to green energy • Changing feedstocks to biofuels • Energy efficiency measures within industrial processes • Identifying areas of inefficiency and waste Decarbonisation TECHNOLOGY • SUMMIT Powering the transition to sustainable fuels and energy LONDON: 19-20 APRIL 2023

• Carbon sinks - creation of • Uses for captured carbon And so much more....

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