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Figure 1 Encina Development Corporation’s 1000 tpd waste plastics recycling facility located in northeast USA

extraction. Sulzer Chemtech’s technology will allow us to produce high-quality circular aromatics from cata- lytically converted oil products derived from plastic waste. This collaboration will drive up sustainable prac- tices in industry.” Sander van Donk, Head Global Technology Business at Sulzer Chemtech, concludes: “We are pleased to sup- port Encina’s mission of enabling circularity in plas- tics recycling by providing our SuRe BTX technology downstream of its catalytic conversion process. This novel value chain builds on Sulzer Chemtech’s com- mitment to circularity and opens up an entirely new market for ultra-pure circular benzene and toluene pro- duced from waste plastics.”

787/tr-oz in May 2021 and, for a short period in March 2022, even exceeded $3300/tr-oz. Over the same period, market pricing of platinum has increased by 41%, from $756/tr-oz in April 2020 to an average March 2022 value of $1069/tr-oz. In response, W. R. Grace & Co. developed optimised versions of both its palladium and platinum based CO promoters. These optimised CO promoters incorpo- rate advances in alumina technology that allow CO promotion activity to be maintained at lower metals levels, resulting in more cost-effective products for our customers. The process Grace uses to incorporate palladium and platinum onto the combustion pro- moter naturally leads to a particle where the majority of the metals are located at the surface. However, the

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Optimized CP P

CO promoter technology development



As recent inflation hit many Western economies, prices for key raw materials such as palladium became more volatile. The average monthly palladium price increased by 30% from $2097/tr-oz in April 2020 to an average March 2022 value of $2656/tr-oz.* The aver- age monthly price peaked at $28



Figure 1 Relative change in usage rate for Optimized CP P vs a competitor promoter

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