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SELECT THE BEST PICTURES: BEAT THE BUDGET WITH NO STRESS!!! Patented ITW Online Cleaning can remove any type of fouling from equipment, including polymers, without the need to open or enter hazardous process equipment. An entire Process Unit can be cleaned by utilizing ITW Online Cleaning in as little as 24 hours on a feed-out/feed-in basis. Online Cleaning can be applied at any time during the run of the Unit in order to solve the problems when they start appearing rather than when they are no longer sustainable. This will in turn increase run length and avoid throughput reduction, giveaway and energy loss associated with fouling. The application of ITW Online Cleaning will be therefore driven by performance recovery and Opex improvement rather than the economics for placing a turnaround. ITW Online Cleaning can be applied to all Refinery/Petrochemical/Gas Field/Oil Field production Units to avoid a cleaning turnaround. This will in turn avoid production losses and budget will be beaten...with no effort and stress...typical of any turnaround planning and execution. Regular application of ITW Online Cleaning will target an increased run length under clean conditions with related value. For turnaround applications, ITW Online Cleaning can eliminate/dramatically reduce the need for mechanical cleaning, thereby reducing downtime and improving operational HS&E. In a turnaround, ITW can create additional value by applying proprietary ITW Improved Degassing/Decontamination to achieve quick and effective safe entry conditions. Our patented chemistry does not create any emulsion, and fluids can be easily handled by Waste Water Treatment Plant.

EVALUATE ITW ONLINE CLEANING AND ITW IMPROVED DEGASSING/ DECONTAMINATION TODAY TO IMPROVE YOUR PLANT’S PROFITABILITY! For more information contact: ITW S.r.l.- C.da S.Cusumano - 96011 Augusta - Italy Tel. +39 (0931) 766011 E-mail: Join ITW Team worldwide and send your Curriculum Vitae to :

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