Decarbonisation Technology August 2022 issue

Solex developed and built a prototype 50 kW sand-to-air heat exchanger using its VT-MBHE technology for this application. This prototype is part of the proof-of-concept work under way, including requirements to develop operational familiarity with the system. Final thoughts/considerations Advances in heat transfer technology are helping to enable today’s efforts to decarbonise our energy systems. This is being clearly illustrated as we harness the intermittent and variable energy provided by the sun to supply our energy needs and wants of today. For developments that combine CSP with LD- TES based on using solids for thermal energy storage, MBHEs are instrumental in transferring energy from the solids to a working fluid used in the power generation block. For the power generation options being incorporated in these CSP LD-TES plants, there is a need for MBHEs to accommodate the different working fluids in use, whether it be air, water, or sCO₂. As such, MBHEs using vertical plates,

horizontal tubes, or diffusion-bonded technology are being developed to provide elegant, effective, and efficient solutions for transferring the stored thermal energy to the working fluid – again, with the ultimate goal of generating electricity from the sun when it is not shining. As has been illustrated through the various projects in development today and with the advancements being made in MBHE technology, we can be optimistic about the progress being made to use renewable energy as an integral part of the solution in decarbonising our energy systems.

Gerald Marinitsch

David Moon

Lowy Gunnewiek

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