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ITW proprietary technologies enable improved sustainability in that, among the others, they:  Reduce CO 2 and greenhouse gas emissions  Reduce VOCs  Reduce waste generation and disposal  Reduce energy consumption  Improve energy efficiency  Improve Operational Excellence  Promote safe working environments

ITW Online Cleaning clean an entire Unit in as little as 24 hours on a feed - out/feed - in basis. ITW Onstream Cleaning clean an entire Unit during the run. Our proprietary chemistries dissolve and stabilize any asphaltenic/paraffinic/polymeric deposits, by transforming the same in to a fully reusable/reprocessable liquid. When applied to tank cleaning, our technologies effectively, safely and quickly recover oil from sludge, thereby eliminating wa ste generation and disposal. Pro - active application of our cleaning technologies reduces CO 2 , VOCs and greenhouse gas emissions, while reducing energy consumption thereby getting additional value by improved Operational Excellence. ITW proprietary technologies promote safe working, as they eliminate/reduce mechanical cleaning operations as well as working in confined spaces. Our Improved Degassing/Decontamination technology has unrivalled performance all in terms of contaminants elimination, quick safe entry achievement, waste disposal elimination and environmental compliance. Our patented chemistry does not create any emulsion and fluids can be easily handled by Waste Water Treatment Plant. Other proprietary technologies also include: Amine Unit Optimization, Sulphur Dissolution, Ethylene Furnace Run Length Increa se, Cleaning of Texas Towers/Packinox, Coke on catalyst Formation Reduction, Diesel/Fuel Oil Particulate and NOx Emission Reduction. ITW technologies can be applied to all the Oil & Gas Industry, including the Transportation and Energy Production industries. Sustainability improvement can be achieved by process optimization, without any major investment.

CONTACT ITW TO LEARN HOW IMPROVED SUSTAINABILITY CAN BE ACHIEVED NOW AT ADDITIONAL VALUE For more information contact: ITW S.r.l. - C.da S.Cusumano - 96011 Augusta - Italy Tel. +39 (0931) 766011 E - mail:

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