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3 Resiliency of fossil-based feedstocks Rene Gonzalez


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15 Incorporating new technology and tools for catalyst development Rene Gonzalez PTQ 21 FCC co-processing of biogenic and recyclable feedstocks: Part I Jon Strohm, Darrell Rainer, Oscar Oyola-Rivera and Clifford Avery Ketjen 31 Passivating vanadium in FCC operations Corbett Senter, David M Stockwell, Bingliang Liu and Benjamin O’Berry BASF 35 Hybrid catalyst loading reduces fill cost and carbon footprint Steve Mayo Eurecat 40 Catalyst rejuvenation offers circular solution for hydroprocessing catalysts Jignesh Fifadara and Madeline Green Evonik 44 Catalyst technology for maximum light olefins and ultra-low emissions Ray Fletcher Gasolfin 51 Experimental study on diesel fuel haziness Dhiraj Gondalia, Murthy Nelakanti, Kinjal Patel and Shailesh Gadhvi Nayara Energy Ltd Research & Development Centre 57 Troubleshooting low or high regenerator temperatures Warren Letzsch Refining and FCC Consultant

61 Zeopore is making its mark in green applications through zeolite modification

Cover: The industry is building more new refining capacity, not less, in the trend towards repositioning of assets. Courtesy: Patrick Schatz, Unsplash

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