Catalysis 2024 Issue

Turn iron into gold? Alchemy? No. It’s chemistry.

MIDAS ® Pro catalyst offers the solution for resid cracking in high iron environments. Gain feed

Grace, the global leader in FCC catalysts and additives, introduces MIDAS ® Pro catalyst, for resid cracking in high iron applications. This innovation, built on our workhorse MIDAS ® catalyst platform, proved its capacity to handle even the worst Fe excursions. In commercial trials with multiple in-unit applications, MIDAS ® Pro catalyst demonstrated sustained bottoms cracking in the face of iron spikes that measured among the highest in the industry. Diffusivity levels were consistently high, indicating no transport restrictions with concentration of Fe. This improved iron tolerance allows refiners to operate at higher iron levels which increases feed processing flexibility and profitability.

flexibility with better bottoms upgrading.

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