PTQ & Digital Refining - 2023 Media Details

Gas is distributed with PTQ’ s Q2 issue. It covers a range of gas-related issues for refiners and processors, from LNG and GTL production issues, to product recovery and flare mitigation in refinery off-gas handling, to amine unit issues in natural gas processing.

Revamps is distributed with PTQ ’s Q4 issue. Its articles deliver insights into the selection and management of projects planned to boost refinery margin. It addresses key issues in the refining industry’s major outlet for capital expenditure: turnarounds, plant updates and unit replacements.

Catalysis is distributed in March and provides refiners with a wide- ranging guide to flexibility in managing their fuels and petrochemicals product portfolios. It showcases current developments in refinery catalyst and additive technology through application and development articles from industry leaders.

For 26 years, PTQ’ s independent editorial policy and reputation within the industry have allowed us to provide the most relevant content, highlighting the latest developments in the global refining, gas and petrochemical processing industries. These articles provide refiners with the in-depth information they need on the processes, products and services necessary to design, build, operate and maintain their plants more efficiently, as well as increase their margins. Together with Technology in Action’s concise articles and Q&A, this makes PTQ an established and popular forum for conversation between technology providers and our worldwide readership.

PTQ ’s quarterly publishing schedule offers the most economical way for advertisers to target key decision makers in the downstream oil, gas and petrochemical processing industries worldwide. Digital versions are archived on www.digitalrefining. com/magazines.html, further increasing exposure. PTQ also operates an online reader enquiry service, which generates GDPR-qualified leads to maximise your ROI.


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