Decarbonisation Technology - May 2024 Issue

Integrating CCS and synthetic fuels production in a refinery A suggested configuration for a hybrid refinery as a fuels production centre uses proven and existing technologies, operating in tandem with existing units

Juan Carlos Latasa López IDOM Consulting

T his article analyses suggested configurations for ‘fuels production centres’ as the new paradigm for existing refineries, including yields and techno-economic figures. The modern, industrialised world needs a constant supply of energy to sustain the population, its technology and knowledge. This energy encompasses the fuels required for industry, transportation and heating, as well as electricity for lighting, heating and cooling, and general power needs. The last century has witnessed unprecedented developments in society and technology. However, this progress has come at a high cost due to the negative impacts of our primary energy consumption in terms of atmospheric pollution and contamination of water and land, as well as our impact on biodiversity. However, the coexistence of human development with nature is possible through

an organised and smart approach: the energy transition. These are not just words but a concept of responsibility supported by science that clearly shows we must act now. We need to act decisively and honestly with realistic implementation of technology for improvement without disruption or denial. The following concepts need to be developed together to optimise a balance among them: • Reliable technology • Effective reduction of carbon footprint • Attractive returns for funds and investors. Carbon footprint in Europe and worldwide A question that arises in relation to the growing demand for energy and fuels and the consequent increase in carbon footprint is: Do we want a future for ourselves and the planet? Of course, the answer is always a resounding ‘yes’, but how can we chart a feasible pathway


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Figure 1 Global carbon dioxide emissions by region 1970-2022

Source: JRC Edgar database


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