Decarbonisation Technology - February 2023

Carbon capture and mineralisation for concrete curing Concrete curing takes advantage of the sequestration capability of concrete by injecting an additional 1.5 kg of CO2 per tonne of cement during concrete preparation. This increases the strength of the concrete because additional calcium carbonate is formed as the CO2 reacts with the cement fraction of the concrete. The result is that 5% less cement is required to make the concrete, which translates to a reduction in CO2 emissions. A disadvantage of this type of mineralisation application is that the CO2 must be liquefied after capture and transported from the SMR site to the construction site. Liquefaction requires power and additional capital equipment, and the demand for CO2 in concrete curing in any given region is highly variable, according to the nature and scale of any major construction projects taking place at any time.

related to electrical power and cooling water provision. With a flue gas of the above CO2 concentration and a temperature of circa 170°C, process analysis has shown that less than 100 litres of recirculated cooling water are required per tonne of CO2 mineralised. This cooling water is required to cool the flue gas and mitigate the heat generated from the exothermic mineralisation reactions. Heat from the flue gas is also recovered within the process to maximise efficiency. It is used to dry the mineral salts to powders for ease of transportation. The power requirement is modest, in the order of 300 kWh per tonne of CO2 mineralised. Mineralisation can either be applied to the full flue gas stream or a slipstream. The balance of the flue gas can be processed using other complimentary CCUS technologies or left as an emission for today and be decarbonised in the future. Airovation Technologies CCM plant designs are modular and allow incremental scale-up. The approach also fits well to support demonstration projects and pilots so that operators can gain exposure to a range of decarbonisation solutions.


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