Decarbonisation Technology - May 2023 Issue

noted that hydrogen will be required during production and will be produced at the point of utilisation (as may also be the case for ammonia). Hydrogen applications need to be researched further to fully understand the fuel, before it is rolled out to decarbonise the hard-to- abate sectors. Work to qualify hydrogen and understand the risks, has been underway for years at DNV’s Research & Testing facility in Cumbria, UK. This work will continue to ensure that this clean fuel is safe for different applications within society. Further information about hydrogen can be found in DNV’s Hydrogen Forecast to 2050 . This includes sections about hydrogen policies and strategies, hydrogen production, storage and transport, hydrogen forecast demand and supply, hydrogen infrastructure, and a deep dive into hydrogen value chains (DNV, 2023).

potentially fatal concentrations in confined spaces. Unlike hydrogen, this hazard cannot be reduced by measures that lower the chance of ignition; ammonia has a direct effect if released and comes into contact with personnel. There is, therefore, no guarantee that the risks are lower than for hydrogen, even though it has no real explosion potential. Risk assessment would involve application of standard hazard management methods. It would need to consider aspects such as the types of release that could occur, the potential concentrations that could be generated, and the likelihood of personnel being exposed to harmful levels. Mitigation methods would include ammonia release detection and emergency shutdown of ammonia systems and ventilation. However, they could also require the availability of emergency breather units and very well-defined escape routes. Liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHCs) have the lowest safety risks as their properties are close to those of liquid hydrocarbons already handled in large quantities. Safety management should be straightforward, though it should be


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