Decarbonisation Technology - May 2023 Issue

future. However, obtaining renewable hydrogen via electrolysis for use in the Fischer–Tropsch process currently requires very large quantities of renewable power and a large water source. The catalytic gas-to-liquid conversion of syngas into synthetic hydrocarbon liquids through the Fischer–Tropsch process, followed by long-chain hydrocarbon hydrocracking, is gaining interest from the industry and could become a significant technology for the production of renewable fuels, chemicals, and lubricants in the long term. Opportunities of an integrated approach Shell Catalysts & Technologies, together with other parts of Shell, recently suggested a wide scope of offerings to a strategic partner that operated a power station. As shown in Figure 6 , this potential opportunity demonstrates an integrated way of working that combines technology, energy, supply, and offtake. Shell could supply gas to fuel the plant. Shell Catalysts & Technologies could provide its Cansolv CO 2 capture system. Other parts of Shell could handle the transport and storage of the captured CO 2 . The company could also

supply carbon credits using nature-based solutions and electricity purchase agreements. Conclusions Decarbonisation is needed at greater speed and scale if companies are to comply with legislation and remain viable and profitable. Shell is transforming its business, supporting the energy transition journeys of its customers across multiple industry sectors and has numerous interesting and significant decarbonisation projects underway at its sites. In supporting Shell and other companies, Shell Catalysts & Technologies is developing a portfolio of integrated technologies in five main value chains. It is keen to leverage the experience it has gained to help its customers navigate the energy transition while remaining compliant and profitable.

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Chris Egby

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