Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue

Ultimately, the best way is to discuss the different options with the enterprise’s commercial team before evaluating a potential project in depth. The technology is there as long as the value chain can be established efficiently. Conclusions and word of caution Given the crucial importance of removing carbon from industrial process heat, especially from chemical, refinery, and gas processing operations, overall fuel or off-gas conditioning represents a winning combination of carbon abatement and improved financial returns. Although markets for the associated products vary, organisations tracking carbon emissions more closely and employing programmes such as the MACC framework will find employing the technologies described above to be attractive projects moving forward. These types of optimisation efforts are routine in the process industries and, in many cases, have already been partially scoped at one time when the market for certain projects was more favourable. These projects will likely hold even more promise as carbon markets and taxes develop globally.

Conversely, however, organisations should heed their overall scopes 1, 2, and 3 emissions when considering the carbon impacts of these enhancements. Although they hold clear advantages when considering scope 1 emissions, the impacts on scope 3 emissions and overall organisation lifecycle emissions should be known before a final investment decision is made on any carbon abatement project. Not all enterprises are closely tracking or limiting Scope 3 emissions at this time. However, in many cases, a reduction in fuel gas carbon intensity results in an increase in fuel product sales that can raise overall scope 3 emissions, albeit perhaps still lowering carbon emissions intensity of those products simultaneously. Regardless, LPG and hydrocarbon recovery will need to be a strongly considered tool for short-term carbon emissions that the globe needs to advance rapidly.


Justin Stark

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