Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue

and ~30 hours of regeneration). The catalytic process occurs in the reactor, converting alcohol and naphtha into Methaformate (gasoline blendstock). The reaction products at a temperature of 360-430°C (680-806°F) go to the tube side of the alcohol heat exchanger HE-2, then are The Methaformer can upgrade most naphthas and reduces sulphur by 90%, thereby avoiding the need for a hydrotreater and hydrogen supply to this unit cooled further in heat exchanger HE-1, followed by air cooler AC-1. The reaction products cooled to 35°C (95°F) are separated in a three-phase separator S-1. Hydrogen-rich gas (HRG) from S-1 is fed to the off-gas compressor GC-1 and sent off-site. The liquid phase of the product stream is stratified and decanted in S-1. The aqueous

layer is sent to water treating, and hydrocarbons go to pump P-3. From there, the hydrocarbon product is preheated in heat exchanger HE-4 and directed to stabiliser ST. The stabilised Methaformate is withdrawn from the bottom of stabiliser ST. The Methaformate, after cooling in HE-4 and air cooler AC-3 to 45°C (113°F), is routed off-site to the product tank. The overheads of stabiliser ST are cooled in air cooler AC-2 and fed into the reflux drum S-3, a three-phase separator. Uncondensed vapours from S-3 are routed to the fuel gas system, and the water is discharged to wastewater treatment. The liquid hydrocarbon product is a propane- butane fraction, which goes to pump P-4 and is returned to stabiliser ST as reflux with the balance off-site as LPG.

Dr Meritxell Vila Stephen Sims

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