Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue


Duct Process line (in dierent colours)

Booster fan


Ethylene furnaces

LP steam/condensate

Waste water

Treated ue gas to atmosphere

Sludge euent

CO 2 to compression


Thermal reclaimer

Reux accumulator

Wash water cooler


Wash water section

CO stripper

Lean amine cooler

Main absorption section

Reux pumps

Wash water pumps

Lean amine feed pumps

CO MVR compressor

Lean amine tank

Main absorption section


Steam from OSBL


Lean rich exchanger

Steam condensate level pot

Intercooled section

Intercooler pumps

CO absorber

Steam condensate ash pot

Lean amine pumps

Condensate to OSBL

Rich amine pumps

Figure 4 Schematic CC added to an ethylene plant (furnaces connection)

stringent, particularly for concrete used for structural purposes. Note that the use of CO₂ to manufacture products can significantly reduce the utility consumption of the CO₂ compression stage, as the delivery pressure required is much lower than for EOR and sequestration applications. Summary The basis for designing a CC plant to be retrofitted to a steam cracker, or incorporated into a new plant design, has been proposed, with details of key considerations. It is important to note that a good understanding of the ethylene and CC plants and how these can be integrated is essential to proper execution of the project. The destination of the captured CO₂ can be studied, depending on the ethylene plant location and the availability of utilities. For example, having hydrogen available will allow the CO₂ to be used for methanol or ethanol production. Technip Energies also offers the possibility of transforming ethanol to ethylene through the Hummingbird process, which could

be marketed as green ethylene with a larger profit margin. A schematic of the addition of the capture plant is shown in Figure 4 . Conclusions A solution to reduce CO₂ emissions from steam crackers has been discussed. Technip Energies believes that the presented option is viable and easily applicable if a destination or use of CO₂ is available. Different considerations for new-build plants or retrofits are required, but with the recent development of new projects, there have been clear advancements in the technology. Hummingbird is a trademark of Technip Energies.


Myrian Schenk Jim Middleton


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