Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue

by more than 75% at the expense of higher production costs • Electrolysis, when coupled with renewable electricity, can achieve very low GHG emissions, but it is electricity-intensive and typically substantially more expensive than conventional approaches • Methane pyrolysis has the best potential to deliver both significant GHG emissions reductions and low hydrogen production costs while enabling flexible deployment across the natural gas infrastructure. Opportunity for methane pyrolysis With many countries across the globe committed to reaching net-zero emissions, the demand is strong, and momentum is high to innovate and scale clean hydrogen solutions. Hydrogen can provide a pathway for decarbonising numerous tough-to-decarbonise segments of the global economy, which cannot be decarbonised through electrification due to the volume of electricity required or other application constraints. These

markets include transportation, chemicals, heat, and power, as well as heavy industry, such as steel and cement production. Methane pyrolysis is an important component for unlocking the clean hydrogen opportunity. This process provides a compelling pathway for low-cost and clean hydrogen production that can be flexibly deployed across global natural gas networks. It is an enabling platform that can leverage existing natural gas infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of clean hydrogen solutions across multiple applications and regions. Harnessing the value of abundant and low-cost hydrocarbon resources for delivering cost-effective and clean hydrogen is the key to revitalising the oil and gas industry as a leader in the emerging clean energy economy, and methane pyrolysis will play a significant role in this transition.

Gary Schubak

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