Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue

Key takeaways Accelerating the transition of Shell’s businesses to net-zero emissions by 2050 will involve the deployment of a wide range of decarbonisation solutions. These solutions can be applied today, or in the near future. The scale of the challenge is that most businesses will need to apply nearly all of them. The Powering Progress strategy sets out our route map to accelerate the transition of our business to net-zero emissions by 2050, in step with society and in partnership with our customers. The Pernis site will play a big role in this through a wide range of strategies involving biofuels, green hydrogen, and CCS, and it is very much a partnership as we look to help our customers decarbonise. Tackling climate change involves technology development, innovation, and collaboration across the energy industry. Our industry holds a long history of innovation, so I firmly believe that although we clearly face many challenges, exciting times lie ahead.

provide up to 759 MW. Some of the renewable electrical energy will be traded and provided to local customers, while a 200 MW electrolyser will produce green hydrogen. The hydrogen will play a balancing role, with some of it being supplied to Pernis refinery, which is a hydrogen consumer. This will help Pernis refinery to lower its emissions. Some of the hydrogen will also be supplied to industrial customers in the first move to set up hydrogen infrastructure in the region. But there is another important aspect to this: hydrogen fuelling stations for trucks have the potential for substantial growth and the availability of hydrogen will encourage heavy- duty transport customers to invest in hydrogen- fuelled trucks. So, in this way, Pernis refinery will play a crucial role in helping that sector to lower its emissions. This will also help the refinery to reduce the emissions that come from the use of the products it sells – its Scope 3 emissions. The Porthos project may offer the opportunity to expand blue hydrogen production, with associated CCS, in the region, which would help customers in other sectors, such as power, steel and cement, to decarbonise.

Andy Gosse

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