Decarbonisation Technology May 2022 Issue



Marine & Land Development Matrix

Level 1 + Land development infrastructure 17,678.74 Total fuel (kl)

Total t-COe Transport (t-COe)

18,174.23 65,595.16 4,882.23 255,209.58 23,056.46 320,804.73


+ Marine infrastructure

88,115.43 105,794.17



Driver = Marine Fuel Usage


Marine infrastructure

Land development infrastructure Level 1


Detailed Carbon Metrics of Project

Project Pie Chart

Place ll 0.66%

Land development infrastructure 16.71%

Supply, Place & Compact 700mm layer ... 1.85%

Reclamation of mangrove area/cr... 7.25%

Cutter Suction Dredger 12.38%

Marine infrastructure 83.29%

Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger 66.45%

Figure 3 Screenshot of the Carbon Column toolkit

tool was used to measure, monitor, and manage direct emissions throughout the operation. The time to act is now Global climate change is arguably the most important and urgent challenge humanity has ever faced, and the onus now falls upon companies to make a difference. While 121 countries have committed to being carbon neutral by 2050, they account for less than 25% of emissions. On present policies, the world is heading for a 3˚C rise by 2050, triggering a global environmental and financial crisis. The commitments made during COP26, and to be unveiled at COP27 in Egypt, are an absolute necessity to limit the global and potentially catastrophic impacts of climate change.

At Wood, we believe every organisation has a decisive role to play in achieving sustainability for the environment and their own business. All organisations urgently need to implement sustainability measures that are data-driven, enabled by innovative real-time digital technology, and can make an immediate impact on decarbonisation and emissions monitoring. But no single company can do this on their own – who you partner with is key. The time for talk is over, and the need for change is urgent.


Dan Carter


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