Catalysis 2022 issue

What is Catalyst Activation?

It’s the same as Sulfiding. Right?

Online H2S Analyzer

Actually, no.

Sulfiding is only part of the story. To ensure complete ac6va6on of your en0re catalyst charge, you really need precise and up-to-the- minute informa0on on the spiking agent injec0on and recycle gas concentra0on. Without accurate and 0mely data, you’re simply pumping a chemical into your reactor with no assurance that the catalyst is being totally ac0vated. This “blind” approach leads to wasted product, dangerously high H 2 S levels, purging of sour gas, and emission issues from non-decomposed mercaptans. Each of our SmartSkid™ Injec0on Systems is equipped with wireless telemetry, allowing you to constantly monitor all of the parameters associated with catalyst ac6va6on from any any cloud- connected device. Coupling output from the pump telemetry with real-0me analysis from our Online Gas Analyzers gives you unprecedented control of the sulfiding process. Our analyzer fleet now includes instruments that con0nuously measure H 2 S, Hydrogen Purity, and Total Sulfur. Contact us to discuss how Reactor Resources can fully ac6vate your next catalyst load, guaranteeing your reactor will deliver the performance you are expec6ng .

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