Catalysis 2022 issue

Applying unrivalled scientific expertise to enable cleaner air, improved health and the more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources. The transition to low carbon energy...

Johnson Matthey’s LCH ™ process solution for clean hydrogen production uses proven technology to achieve higher product yield, improved energy efficiency and reduced cost of capital to deliver low carbon hydrogen produced at scale with leading environmental and economic performance. To help our syngas customers navigate their decarbonisation journey and meet emission reduction targets, Johnson Matthey has formed a new Low Carbon Solutions business. We work with our customers to help them identify low carbon options for their existing syngas production facilities, maximising the value of their decarbonisation investment, achieving >90% CO₂ reductions, while building on the same values that our LCH technology achieves at energy transition scale.

Climate change is a growing threat and hydrogen has the potential to be a game changer. It is used in the synthesis of countless industrial chemicals and is the most viable low carbon fuel for the future. Hydrogen is dominantly produced by steam methane reforming, but the conventional process generates and releases significant quantities of greenhouse gas CO₂. If hydrogen is to play a major role in the energy transition, then production needs to be coupled with carbon capture and storage.

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