2021 ERTC Conference Newspaper - Day 1

ERTC 2021

Asset Decarbonization

As the energy transition continues, the world will need multiple methods of carbon and energy intensity reduction to reach our decarbonization goals.

We Build a Better World. Energy efficiency optimization reduces a facility’s required energy consumption delivering decarbonization benefits as well as economic returns. Fluor has been optimizing client’s facility designs for decades, and can apply state-of-the-art methods to both new and existing facilities.

Options 1. Fuel substitution

Electricity, hydrogen, natural gas

2. Feedstock substitution Biomass, vegetable oil, recycled materials, natural gas 3. Process design Energy eciency, process substitution, use of residual energy 4. Recycling 5. Fuel and product design Lower carbon footprint product substitution 6. Carbon capture utilization and storage


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