2021 ERTC Conference Newspaper - Day 1

ERTC virtual

Your dependable partner for process engineering and technologies in refineries and petrochemical plants At Sulzer we develop, design and produce mass transfer equipment and offer solutions for all your separation challenges. Our portfolio includes state-of-the-art products for distillation, absorption, stripping, evaporation, phase separation, liquid-liquid extraction, crystallization, and membrane separation. Sulzer has extended its petrochemical process capability further with the recent acquisition of GTC Technology. The move adds a range of licensed technologies and additional engineering resources to Sulzer’s existing process plant design, construction and commissioning capabilities to provide an outstanding offering to process industries worldwide. Sulzer GTC is a market leader in aromatics extraction technologies using extractive distillation applied in both refinery and petrochemical plants covering range of feedstock to produce intermediates like benzene, toluene, mixed xylenes and styrene.

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Sulzer Chemtech, Neuwiesenstrasse 15, 8401 Winterthur, Switzerland Phone +41 52 262 37 22, chemtech@sulzer.com


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